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Our Story

We started with you top of mind, nothing has changed.

We started Accelerate in 2010 for the best of reasons; a genuine desire to provide bespoke solutions for each client, tailored to their own circumstances. Advice to help grow their wealth, protect them and help shape the life they want to live.

You might think “well doesn’t every adviser do that”? Sadly, no. The industry incentivizes and rewards agents for higher premiums from clients, which can encourage personal gain over your best interests. Also, brokers and agents often specialise in one type of advice, so clients needed multiple advisors depending on their requirements.


We didn’t want Accelerate to be like that.
We wanted to provide a much better service, and we do.

Part of that is investing in the relationships, so the people we advise, we genuinely see as friends, not clients. We know their likes, their childrens’ names, and what’s important to them. We are more interested in providing valued advice, than selling something that’s not ideal just to make a commission.

So what we did was pretty simple but no one in the industry seemed to be able to do it very well. We break it down into 4 core ideals:


Be accessible

Clients would often complain that advisers were hard to get hold of as they were often at meetings or away, and their support staff didn’t have sufficient knowledge to help. So we make sure that any one of our team can help with your query or need.


Give people confidence

It’s normal to feel anxious about making the right financial and life decisions, whether that’s taking on debt, buying a business or planning a family.

Often in theses situations, the industry is quick to highlight the weaknesses and risks in clients’ financial situation, leaving them feeling more anxious after talking to a Financial Adviser. That’s wrong.

We think clients should feel better not worse about themselves having involved us. We can help them take a snapshot of their situation, help them undertstand their net worth, let them chat comfortably about their goals and offer manageable recommendations to help them reach those goals.


Knowledgeable advice from experience

Clients want to have a like-minded person to talk about their business, how to protect themselves and grow their wealth. Someone who understands the complexities of business and family and has sufficient life experience to offer good advice.

We offer that experience, we understand the challenges of small business ownership and the demands of young families, and we can offer objective, clear, long term planning advice for your future.


Reduce their “to do” list

Clients have busy lives and often the last thing they want is to have to review their insurance, business risk, or their investments; it can seem like just another hassle, even though they know it may be necessary.

So we proactively help clients, so where they are making a major purchase, (house or business) changing banks, even buying a new car we will own the process of dealing with the insurers, determining the cover, setting up the payments and generally taking care of business in a front-foot way.

And if you forget to tell us, no problem, we will be constantly communicating and annually reviewing policies to make sure we don’t miss anything.

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