Accelerate | Wealth Protection
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Wealth Protection

Safeguarding what you’ve worked so hard for

You’ve worked hard, spent a lot of time (and maybe a few sleepless nights) working to increase your wealth and give your family the lifestyle you’d like them to enjoy. Protecting what you’ve built with wise choices makes a lot of sense. While protecting your wealth may not be as exciting as building it, it is just as important, if not more.


You’ve probably heard the expression “cashflow is king”. It is never more true than when talking about household finances, and that’s where we can make a difference.


The first thing we’ll do is to get to know you, and invite you to share your current financial situation with us. Only once we properly understand that, can we work together and offer you valuable advice to help achieve your future goals and plan for retirement.

We’ll also help you roll with any punches, and protect your family and lifestyle, so you can continue to build your wealth with confidence.


If you spend all your monthly income on living costs, what happens if for some reason your income stops or is reduced? We can help you plan for this. What about spare cash each month? We’ll offer some great investment advice.

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Whether you are protecting your house or your investments, the boat or your electric bike, we can insure your assets. Or perhaps you are renovating, or starting a business. We can help with the right advice and cover.

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Who will succeed you when you retire, or if you have to leave your business suddenly? Is it time to identify and develop a new leader for your business? Proper succession planning requires sound preparation in order to ensure a smooth transition. Experience is key, and we’ll help you through the process.


What happens if you become ill, or have an accident and can’t work for an extended period? You’ll want to ensure a steady source of income to allow you to pay your bills and provide continued household and/or business income. We can advise on all income cover areas from ACC, Mortgage Repayment, Income Protection and Key Person cover. We’ll put together the right package for your situation.


We work closely with top mortgage advisers who can offer true support in making sure that you have a mortgage plan that is tailored to suit your circumstances. You’ll be happy to talk about it with friends at your next BBQ!


How much of your monthly income is used to cover debts and living expenses, and how much is left over? We can help you understand your current cashflow requirements and put in plans to protect this cashflow from the unexpected for now and the future.

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We are here to give you the ability to achieve your financial goals.