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About Us

Accelerate Consulting Ltd.(FSP48022) is a member of the Wealthpoint Adviser Network. Wealthpoint is a co-operative owned by a network of more than 50 financial services advisory businesses, operating from more than 70 locations across New Zealand. Accelerate advisers are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Ltd. who holds a transitional advice provider licence. For more information please click on following link Wealthpoint.


Being part of Wealthpoint gives Accelerate the ability to offer a wide range of insurance and investment products from a strong group of providers.

Why use Accelerate?

Many people treat their finances like they would their fitness. They would like to spend more time working on it and they often feel good when they set goals and achieve them. However, a lot of us are held back by a lack of ease of accessibility, not getting the right information and support and not being given the confidence to set and achieve goals.


At Accelerate we believe financial health is important.  Our goal at Accelerate is to take down the barriers and help get you and your family “Financially Fit” and maybe even healthier along the way. We do this by delivering in 4 core areas.


Reduce their “to do” list

We know your life is busy and we want to help you to focus on what is important to you. We will look after your insurance and investments, recommend the right cover and work with you to manage the plan


Knowledgeable advice from experience

Our Advisers have all been Advisers for over 10 years and have been running businesses for longer than this so we understand the pressures of business ownership and have the qualifications and experience to confidently recommend insurance and investment solutions that will help you take control of your future.



 Accelerate are a small team and we pride ourselves on knowing our clients  and all being able to help. You can email us, call us, text us, video chat and we would love you to come in and see us. We have a great team who are always available and happy to work with you in your time frame and through your preferred communication method


Give people confidence

At Accelerate want you to succeed in your business and life. We have the expertise, product range and to confidently look after your insurance and investments so you can do what you do best.

Important information on how we work with you

Nature and Scope of Financial Advice Services

Our Services

  • Personal Insurance Planning
  • KiwiSaver investment strategies and retirement planning
  • Investment and Savings Strategies

Products we can Advise on

  • Personal and Group Insurance (Life cover, disability, income protection and trauma)
  • KiwiSaver Investments
  • Managed Investments
  • Life Investment Products including Whole of Life and Endowment policies

Product Providers we may recommend are limited to those approved by Wealthpoint as follows

  • Life Insurance Providers
    • AIA Life
    • AMP Life
    • Asteron Life
    • Fidelity Life
    • Partners Life
  • Health Insurance Providers
    • AIA Health
    • NIB Health
    • Southern Cross Healthcare
  • KiwiSaver Providers
    • AMP KiwiSaver
    • ANZ/OneAnswer KiwiSaver
    • Booster KiwiSaver
    • Fisher Funds KiwiSaver
    • Milford AM KiwiSaver
    • Nikko AM KiwiSaver
    • Managed Investments Providers
    • OneAnswer Multi Class Funds
    • OneAnswer Single Asset Funds
    • Nikko AM NZ Investment Scheme (Nikko Goals Getter).
  • General Insurance Providers
    • AMP General Insurance
    • Vero
    • Vero Liability
    • Vero Marine

Our Fees

We may charge a fee for our services.

The actual fee charged to you will depend on the nature and scope of the advice or service we provide.  We will discuss and agree the actual fees with you before we proceed and explain how they are payable.



Other Costs

Any other costs incurred in the process of providing our advice to you may be charged to you also.  We will advise and agree these costs with you prior to you incurring them.  These may for example  arise from incidentals such as travel costs and photocopying etc.

Conflicts of Interest

We are here for our clients and to advise you as best we can. Your interests are our priority although we do have business relationships with product providers also. From time to time our product providers assist us with funding so we can bring our advisers together for conferences and professional development training. We also receive remuneration from some product providers such as commissions, and asset under management fees.


We manage these conflicts of interest by ensuring that we prioritise your interests above our own. The advice we provide is based on understanding your goals and circumstances and providing recommendations which are based on research.From time to time, Product Providers may also reward us for business we provide to them. For example,they may give us tickets to events, hampers, or other incentives.  I have a Register of Conflict which allows me to actively manage any conflicts which arise.

What should you do if something goes wrong?

If you have a problem, concern, or complaint about any part of our service, please tell our internal complaints scheme so that our internal complaints scheme can try to fix the problem.


You may contact the internal complaints scheme by:

Contact Name Jared Fenwick or Scott Campbell
Address: P.O. Box317012 Hobsonville Auckland 0664
Telephone number: 09 524 0450
Email address: [email protected]

[email protected]


We would welcome the opportunity to rectify any concerns that you might have, but please be advised that you may contact the above if you feel in any way that I have let you down.


If we cannot agree on how to fix the issue, or if you decide not to use the internal complaints scheme, you can contact the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman. This service will cost you nothing, and will help us resolve any disagreements.


You can contact the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman at –


Address: 7th Floor, BDO House,

99-105 Customhouse Quay,

PO Box  10845,


Telephone number: 04 499 7612

Email address: [email protected]

Duties Information

Our Advisers are bound by the duties of the Financial Markets Conduct Act to :


  • maintain their knowledge and skills as set out in the Code of Conduct for Financial Advisers,
  • always give priority to our client’s interests
  • exercise care, diligence, and skill when preparing and providing advice to our clients
  • ensure they meet the standards of ethical behaviour, conduct, and client care set out in the Code


In addition Wealthpoint requires that our Advisers meet the standards of competence outlined in the Wealthpoint Professional Standards Manual

Your Team


Scott Campbell


Phone: 09 524 0449

Mobile: 027 218 9898

Email: [email protected]

Book a meeting

Jared Fenwick


Phone: 09 524 0448
Mobile: 021 487 371
Email: [email protected]
Book a meeting

Dave Thomas


Phone: 09 524 0447
Mobile: 027 668 4503
Email: [email protected]
Book a meeting

Client Managers


Bindu Garikipati


Phone: 09 524 0450
Email: [email protected]

Samantha Kunsakorn


Phone: 09 930 9431
Email: [email protected]

Associate Advisers

Steve Goodmon


Phone: 09 280 9917
Mobile: 021 936 368
Email: [email protected]


Yasuhiro Takahashi


Phone: 09 578 0792
Mobile: 021 968 968
Email: [email protected]

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