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Asset Protection

Whatever you have, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are protecting houses or investments, the boat or your electric bike, we can insure your assets. Or perhaps you are renovating, or starting a business, we can help with the right advice and cover. Are you a landlord? Are you aware of all your obligations and liabilities? We can help with advice and expertise so you can have the confidence your cover is properly set up.


No matter what type of asset you have, we can insure them for you and make sure that if you need to claim, you are smiling again as soon as possible.


We can even help when you’re not sure about what you should do. Maybe it’s your first house or investment property or perhaps you are looking at renovating. Have a chat to us first and we will walk you through the relevant covers so you can feel at ease that everything is setup properly.


-Building or renovating? Depending on the work you are doing you may need Site Cover or Contract Works Insurance. Call us before you start and we will advise you.


When you’re preparing for retirement you’ll need expert advice to help you find the best investment plan to suit your lifestyle, budget and retirement goals. We can help.


We help get the right cover in place to insure your house & contents for their actual replacement value, and we advise you on what to do if your situation changes, for example, with a change of occupancy, or renovations.


If you spend all your monthly income on living costs, what happens if for some reason your income stops or is reduced? We can help you plan for this. What about spare cash each month? We’ll offer some great investment advice.

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Meet Accelerate

Client Managers


Bindu Garikipati


Phone: 09 524 0450
Email: [email protected]
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Samantha Kunsakorn


Phone: 09 930 9431
Email: [email protected]

Associate Advisers

Steve Goodmon


Phone: 09 280 9917
Mobile: 021 936 368
Email: [email protected]
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Yasuhiro Takahashi


Phone: 09 578 0792
Mobile: 021 968 968
Email: [email protected]
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