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02 Jul Qi Acupuncture

Acupuncture Therapists

Qi Acupuncture is tucked away in a private and peaceful bush surrounded haven in Beach Haven.

Ingrid Hauge has been practicing for over 15 years as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.  A registered member of Acupuncture NZ www.acupuncture.org.nz

An ACC Provider, Qi can help with prevention, care and recovery from injury or trauma and is a great treatment that can compliment other professional treatment such as Osteo or Physio you may be having.

Dave can attest certainly to having received great benefit from Ingrid’s treatments over the years to help maintain condition and treat muscle strain through years of intensive boxing and cycling training.  Ingrid’s Eastern approach certainly helped with recovery and body maintenance, as well as treatment for injury.

You can reach Ingrid via her website www.qia.co.nz and we recommend a visit next time you are in need of some gentle care.