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For Families

Enjoying the moment and building for the future.

Life with a young family is great; funny, on the go, sometimes chaotic. We know, we have young families too. We also know it’s a constant balancing act; putting in the effort to be successful at work and providing well for the kids, but also spending precious time with them – being present, and not just for the important moments.

We can help. Together we can work out a clear plan for a financial way forward. That might include paying down debt, protecting your cashflow, setting up your KiwiSaver to suit your profile, and looking at investment options that suit your life and your goals. You can provide the best now, while still building wealth for the future.

Asset Protection

Whatever you have, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are protecting houses or investments, the boat or your electric bike, we can insure your assets. Or perhaps you are renovating, or starting a business, we can help with the right advice and cover. Are you a landlord? Are you aware of all your obligations and liabilities? We can help with advice and expertise so you can have the confidence your cover is properly set up.


No matter what type of asset you have, we can insure them for you and make sure that if you need to claim, you are smiling again as soon as possible.


We can even help when you’re not sure about what you should do. Maybe it’s your first house or investment property or perhaps you are looking at renovating. Have a chat to us first and we will walk you through the relevant covers so you can feel at ease that everything is setup properly.

Investment Advice

When you’re preparing for retirement you’ll need expert advice to help you find the best investment plan to suit your lifestyle, budget and retirement goals. We can help.

Succession Planning

Who will succeed you when you retire, or if you have to leave your business suddenly? Is it time to identify and develop a new leader for your business? Proper succession planning requires sound preparation in order to ensure a smooth transition. Experience is key, and we’ll help you through the process.

Investment Properties

Investment properties can be great for passive income, but insuring them well is important. We’re experts in determining asset values and advising on your responsibilities. We will make sure you are covered for loss of rent and different liabilities and help you set up everything properly.


The best care, faster.

Sadly most of us get sick or injured at some stage in life, with detrimental effect on our work and family lives. The good news is we can minimise the impact of this and make wise health choices.


Whilst New Zealand has a great public health system, waiting lists for non-threatening illness or injury, or elective surgery (such as hip replacements, kids grommets/tonsils or hernia operations), can be long, which results in living with pain and uncertainty for too long.


Some great reasons to choose health insurance are:

  • faster access to treatment by avoiding public hospital waiting lists
  • less financial stress by reducing your costs of private treatment and time off work
  • more choice over when you receive treatment for qualifying medical conditions.

A speedy recovery means that you can get back to enjoying life!


We deal with a range of health insurance providers and would be happy to talk you through the different plans available.


Live healthy – prevention is better than cure

Healthy living is all about choices, some big ones and lots of little ones (according to The Heart Foundation). It’s true that happy and healthy are two words that go together with good reason.


To help you maintain good health and measure your health, check out The Heart Foundation and Southern Cross websites.


It makes sense to have good health insurance in place. We recommend Southern Cross health insurance, you can apply online.

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